Goal Book- Intuitive and Energetic Style
Sat, January 14th 10am -4pm

Connecting to your Divine Self, you will explore and set intentions for the year ahead. Using Melanie's Goal Book system, we will explore 7 areas of your life and how to keep them balanced while setting and achieving goals- and a step by step protocol to stay connected to these goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We will combine meditations, visualizations, body dialoguing with proven goal setting and success strategies. You don't want to miss this left and right brained approach to creating a safe space for you to root and fly in 2017!

$79 for the day
We will order lunch from GreenBelly, or bring your own.

Meditation Challenge $99

30 Day Meditation Challenge- Starts Jan 2nd
Start your New Year off right with a 30 day sadhna of meditation. Pick your commitment of 5, 10, or 20 minutes twice a day- morning and night- to cultivate a discipline for sitting and re-connecting to you. Whatever your purpose may be- for relaxation, manifestation, clarity, stress management, health, healing, discipline, learning how to "just be"- you will harness group energy, accountability, and explore different types of meditation that work best for you and your goals. Melanie has been practicing and teaching/holding space for meditation for 18 years. She will cover the basics, as well as intermediate and advanced techniques of sitting, breathing, clearing, manifesting, and mantra meditation. Daily posts, discussion, and meditations are included...♥

Discovering and Tapping into your Balanced Warrior
Coming in Spring!

Lunch Option $15- will order from GreenBelly
Goal Book $79
Spiritual Warrior Retreat

Women have as much power to destroy as they do to create- as much ability to be have movement as to be still.  Join us for an amazing day of exploration, discovery and support in playing with our warrior selves. Whether you are looking to be able to (re)create  or hone your boundaries; balance out, or allow, your anger; allow your masculine to support your feminine, or vice versa; understand how you can become more empowered; act instead of react; advocate for yourself of others, or other ways to evoke, activate, or balance your warrior, this day is for you.   We will explore the strength that all women hold inside of themselves, and how to work with it in the most efficient and fulfilling ways to fit your lifestyle and personality.  

There will be discussion, meditation, yoga, drumming, shamanic journeying, fire ceremony, love, support, and much more.

opics will Include:
Definition of Spiritual Warrior
History and Societal Restrictions of the Feminine Warrior
Being an Advocate and/or Activist for Self or Society
Boundaries, Standing Up, Making Change
Discovering the Blocks of your Warrior
Transforming Passion and/or Anger into Action
Allowing your Strength- and Love
De-Mystifying the Bitch
The Whiner, The Leader, The Change Maker
Keeping a Container for Safety and Effectiveness
Allowing the Masculine while Staying Feminine
Supporting our Own Yin with our Own Yang
Balancing the Warrior and Knowing when Use Him/Her/It

Balance Matters