Discount- Both Massage Cupping and Facial Cupping $500
Intro to Massage Cupping- $350
Facial Cupping- $195

Balance Matters

Learn the Amazing Art of Cupping
Cupping is one of the oldest modalities of massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.  Adapted to modern massage therapy and bodywork, this art is greatly effective and therapeutic, gets deeper or better results in many cases, is better on your body, can change the way that you practice...and clients love it!

How Cupping Works
Regular massage uses "positive pressure": applying pressure to tightness, tension and additional pressure.  In physics, when you apply "pressure to pressure," one side retracts by force.  When we use our bodies to release the client's body pressure, we must use a lot of strength and work.  In contrast, cupping is "negative pressure" - it pulls the tissue up, allows it to relax so that the therapist can more easily work with the tissue to allow it to release, detox, and heal. 

INTRO TO CUPPING- 2  day seminar, 16 CEU's- $350
No Sessions Scheduled as of now
You will leave this class learning how to give:
1.  A full cupping massage using 4 different kinds of cups: baguanfa massage cups, vacuum cups, glass bell cups and magnet cups.
2.  A full body and a partial "detox" massage
3.  A targeted treatment for back, shoulders and neck
4.  Spot treatments to use alone or in a regular massage
5.  Specific treatments for shoulders, neck, back, hips, sciatica, hamstrings, arms, wrists, feet

Students will learn the history and use of cupping; indications and contraindications; how to use each of the four sets of cups, techniques and strokes of each; how to use in addition to, or in place of, deep tissue massage; how to use the cups to facilitate the detox process; indications for using each kind of cup, where and when to use, how to care for and clean each cup, and more. We will focus on common issues that clients have and treatments options for each.  A full handbook is included.  This class is guaranteed to change your practice and your body.

FACIAL AND NECK CUPPING- 1 day seminar, 8 CEU's- $195  Nothing scheduled as of now
Help your clients, lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the face and neck, plump wrinkles and the lips, reduce and control acne, and reduce sinus tightness and pain, relieve headaches, and release TMJ discomfort.  Amazing add-on to any massage or spa service that you provide. 

In this class, you will learn basic and advanced treatments to address all the concerns that your clients have in the face, jaw, sinuses, and neck.  Learn how to give a general half hour treatment, or work deeper for a forty-five minute or one hour session.  The use of three different types of cups will be taught, in addition to cranial holds, basic inner oral mouth work, what essential oils and adjunct therapies to use, and more.