Balance Matters

StressLessGirls is a national company based in Omaha, empowering girls with wellness, stress management and relaxation services. We provide educational and experiential programs, as well as one-on-one coaching and wellness help for girls of all ages. We specialize in assisting with reduction and reversal of conditions such as: anxiety, headaches, stomach issues, sleep issues, depression, attention and behavioral issues, allergies, pain, etc.

We provide four programs nationally for Girl Scout troops and councils. They are listed below. To register, please call us at 402.350.6363, or email us.

Massage Away the Stress
Learn how massage therapy can reduce stress and increase the quality of your health! We will discuss the history and benefits of massage, and how it can help sore muscles, neck and pain, headaches, stomachaches, and more. Girls will learn and practice several different massage techniques to use on themselves and others. Girls will make their own massage oil with aromatherapy blends to use or give as a gift.

Relax Away the Stress
This entertaining and informative program is to help our girls reduce and manage stress and better balance their lives. A stress management expert will teach about: stress and what it does to your body, methods to reduce stress, self-care, how to avoid negativity and bring good things into your life, the power of positive thought, relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and more! Girls will make relaxation balms or lavender rice bags to take home.

Soak Away the Stress
Learn how aromatherapy can combat stress and enhance your wellness! In this entertaining seminar, we will discuss the history and benefits of aromatherapy, and how it can help you relax, boost your mood, increase your energy, and help with many conditions such as headaches, stomachaches, stress, insomnia, attention issues, colds, and more! Girls will experience 12 popular essential oils and learn how to use them in their lives. We will also learn how to make bath salts and each girl will make a beautiful satchel of bath salts to use, or give as a gift.

Yoga Away the Stress
Have fun and learn how to relax and strengthen the body, mind and spirit through yoga. We will discuss the history and benefits of yoga, learn how it helps reduce stress, and makes the body stronger and healthier- and how it is for every BODY! Girls will participate in an age appropriate yoga class packed with stories, movement, songs, animal and introductory yoga poses, relaxation and breathing exercise, and fun! All classes are taught by StressLessGirls certified instructors. All girls will be required to have a signed waiver to participate in the yoga class.

Cost: $10 per girl, includes handouts of yoga poses
We come to you.

Refunds: $50 non-refundable deposit required to hold your time, remainder of money due two weeks before scheduled event. Cancellations or transfers allowed within 48 hours of event.