Balance Matters

Therapeutic Bodywork
Melanie uses a combination of bodywork techniques to elicit healing in the body. Used for a myriad of conditions, all methods are result based and part of a treatment plan decided upon between client and therapist. Below is a description of the types of work that can be done, but don't get too caught up with any one of them, we will only do what works best for you. Most bodywork is combined with other methods, coaching, and resources to get you where you want to be!

Craniosacral Therapy
Developed by John Upledger, DO, founder of the Upledger Institute, this work is one of the most research based bodyworks used today. Working with the cerebrospinal spinal fluid system, the spine, and the skull bones, this gentle but effective modality allows the body to correct and heal itself. Great for restrictions in the tissues, organs and bones.

Myofascial Therapy
Working with the fascia, the physical and energetic sheath that covers every tissue, bone, and organ, this technique uses a little more pressure than CST and gets a deeper, allowing the body to unwind locally or with the full body.  Very effective for the normal body trauma that we all sustain.

Muscular Cupping
Massage and stationary cupping is beneficial in restoring function and circulation to the muscles and surrounding connective tissues, breaking up and healing scar tissue, and moving stagnation of energy in the body. 


Used and researched in clinics and labs globally, guasha is becoming a quickly accepted method of healing in the West. It is used to restore function to the tissues, break up scar tissue and adhesions, detox locally and throughout the body, and allows us to get to the deeper parts of the muscle and connective tissue. 

Fire Cupping
Used to move the stagnation of the tissues, usually in the back, this type of more traditional cupping uses fire to create suction and vacuum in glass cups to elicit a deeper, more energetic healing response.

Facial/Jaw Cupping
Using specially designed glass facial cups, this work helps release tension in the facial tissues, skull, jaw, and/or throat. Great for headaches, migraines, and TMJ. (Also rejuvenates the tissue for a more healthful glow!) We usually combine with craniosacral therapy for full therapeutic effect.

Digestive Cupping
Method used to move, soothe, and/or balance the digestive system. Essential oils, nutritional suggestions, and stress management techniques are used to complement this technique.

Energy Work
Used to open, connect, and rebalance the energetic system in the body, this work helps to integrate the system in a holistic way.