Balance Matters

Thoughts about Trauma:

The body is a biological organism designed for survival.  It is meant to heal, and to avoid all things that are perceived as threats.  One main issue that we have in our society is that we separate the body and mind, and think that we can assert our will and overpower the body. The body remembers everything. Every trauma, small, large or medium, whether we remember it consciously or not, if not fully healed, is stored in the tissue. We can access it, and heal it, there. This is bodywork. 

"The body never lies.  The mind is tricky. It makes up stories and agendas, has a huge ego, likes to protect and avoid, and not have fault. But the body...the body always tells the truth. When we go to the body, there is always healing."

"The physical body is a simply a reflection of everything going on emotionally, mentally, sexually, energetically, and spiritually."

Fight, flight or freeze- the three common responses to stress.  The body responds to a threat: the breath goes from the belly to the chest, the heart goes faster, the shoulders go up to protect the brain stem and the heart, and the adrenals pump adrenal so that the body can respond appropriately.  This is when trauma gets stored. It can be from the accident or injury, but it can just as easily be from an emotional or mental stressor as well.