Using yoga to heal and strengthen the body and the mind. 

Our classes focus on energetics, alignment, opening, healing, body awareness, posture, and connecting the body and mind.  Much focus is on breathing, meditation, strengthening the core, and healing the physical and mental parts of us.

All Levels Yoga
Each student is challenged at his or her level.  Modifications or advanced instructions are given for each pose.  You will be encouraged to explore and stretch your limits.
2nd Sunday of the month- $20
March 12, April 9th, May 12th, June 11th, July 9th

About the Instructor:
Melanie has been a practitioner of yoga since 1999, and teaching since 2001. She is the developer of "Energetic Postural Re-Alignment." Using subtle energy and gentle physical correction, the body is guided into deeper alignment.  This work is taught to yoga instructors, chiropractors, bodyworkers, martial artists, craniosacral therapists and the like. 

Her yoga services include:
Seminars to yoga teachers and beginning to advanced students, therapeutic healing yoga for adults and children with or without special needs, private and group yoga instruction for general population or special needs, "Desk Yoga" seminars for businesses and groups, Empowerment Yoga, and Yoga for Trauma, Veterans, PTSD, and Prison Inmates,

For teachers
Teaching how to teach intuitively, to see where their students are "blocked" energetically, to be able to guide toward their potential of opening, and to use energetic postural re-alignment in their classes.

For students
Teaching how to connect to their physical and energetic bodies, how to feel where they are blocked, to become aware of their restrictions and to be able to honor them as they guide them to healing, to maximize their asana, pranayama, and meditation practice, to allow rather than force, and to break down the alignment in each pose so they may remove blockages and move into the next level of their practice.  

Please call or email for rates and traveling arrangements


Bring a new level of healing to your mat
Private individual instruction in which the instructor works with body's energy while in yoga postures using energetic postural re-alignment (EPR), assisted stretching, applied energy work to the muscular and skeletal system, chakra assessment and balancing,and muscle testing to facilitate immediate movement and promote needed healing. Individualized routines can also be designed and provided to client for at-home practice
$85 per hourly session   6 sessions for $450

Individual or group sessions individually tailored to meet your needs. For adults, children, and families with general or special needs.
$85 per hour

Outcall therapeutic yoga is $125 per hour

For groups, on-site. Using yoga with an emphasis on positive body image, acceptance, connecting body and mind, and co-creating and "allowing" success in all areas of our lives.
$125 per hour- may be combined with speaking engagements

Specially designed for the desk and computer worker, Melanie teaches 1 - 3 hour seminars on yoga, stretching, relaxation exercises, breathing for health, and energy boosters that can be done at your desk.  Special focus upon neck, back and shoulders, as well as muscles affected by computer work.

See speaking section for more details

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